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Speeding Up Your Slow Computer for Free

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March 11, 2010
Most of us have experienced the seemingly inevitable slowdown of a computer, especially laptops. As the computer ages, as more applications are installed and deleted, as more and more web surfing occurs, the computer boot time (as well as the time it takes to do damn near anything) gets longer and longer, and you wait more and more. And if you are like me, your patience wears thinner and thinner...

In the past, my answer to this slowdown problem was to back up all of my data, ensure I had all the software installation files, and then wipe the computer's hard drive clean and start all over. Of course, this really sped up the computer; but it was also a lot of trouble, sometimes taking a couple of days with many unforeseen hurdles. Also, it can be a little dangerous -- a real mistake -- to go through this if you are a newbie.

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Well, I became fed up with the slow speed of my current laptop, but I did not want to go to the trouble of wiping it clean and starting from scratch. I had to find another solution, and hopefully a free solution.

I poked around CNET's and browsed through the many utilities that claimed to speed up computers by cleaning the registry, getting rid of junk files, and more. Most of the programs I found were not free, or they had half-baked trial versions (I stay away from these).

However, I finally SCORED with Advanced System Care (Free version)! I downloaded and installed Advanced System Care (ASC) after reading about the application and the accompanying editors' review. At the time of this writing (March 2010), the current free version of ASC is 3.5.

After I ran ASC on my laptop, I was very pleased to see how much faster my laptop booted up and ran. Since I found this great app, I use it on both my laptop and my desktop at least once a week. There are frequent updates which allow ASC Free to remove the newer spyware and other intrusive, unwanted code that somehow makes it onto our computers the more we surf.

I strongly recommend Advanced System Care to my friends and clients, because I KNOW that it works -- and it costs nothing. Check it out and see for yourself!