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Here are a few excellent resources for web developer types: so-called cheat sheets for various web development related disciplines. I have the feeling these will be useful to plenty of people who are NOT web developers; e.g., people who would like to know how to accomplish specific tasks in the related web development discipline: search engine optimization (SEO), for example.

Additional Resources for Web Design & Development Cheat Sheets

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of other cheat sheets available in the area of web development -- especially with regard to the programming and database languages and formats. Here are some good resources for additional technology-related cheat sheets.

PHP, CSS, & HTML Help Sheets
Excerpt: Today, we're introducing our all new Help Sheets. You loved our original CSS and HTML Help Sheets, so we went back to the originals, tidied them up, and gave them a sprinkling of coolness...We're also pleased to bring you an entirely new Help Sheet - the PHP Help Sheet. This should be a saviour for you hardcore coders when you forget the odd array function or two...

Added Bytes Cheat Sheets -- Here you will find most of the good ones: HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, and many more web development-related cheat sheets, most in both PDF and PNG formats. Cheat Sheet Article -- Excerpt: The list of skills a given web developer must possess is growing everyday. With the massive growth of web technologies, comes the demand for developers with a wide skill set. A useful tool in any developers tool box can be the well known 'cheat sheet'. Today, we will have a look at 30 essential web developer cheat sheets, ranging from MySQL to Photoshop... Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide -- great list, but none of the links worked in Firefox when I visited. Boo! Web Developer Cheat Sheets

Web Developer Lists - Cheat Sheets -- This site for top links, resources, services and tools for web developers and web designers has a list of the top 119 cheat sheets!