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In this information age, programs and applications designed to spot trends are widely available. Here are some of our favorite trend-related tools and guides.

Google Trends -- Excerpt: With Google Trends, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most.

Google HotTrends -- Excerpt: Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for on Google today. Rather than showing the most popular searches overall, which would always be generic terms like 'weather,' Hot Trends highlights searches that experience sudden surges in popularity, and updates that information hourly. Our algorithm analyzes millions of web searches performed on Google and displays those searches that deviate the most from their historic traffic pattern. The algorithm also filters out spam and removes inappropriate material. For each search, Hot Trends shows related searches and a search volume graph. The page also displays news, blog posts, and web results to give context about why a search may be appearing on the Hot Trends list. You can also choose a date in the past to see what the top Hot Trends were for that date by clicking change date.

My Simon - Price comparisons for just about every product you can think of

Ebay Pulse - Shows top searches on eBay…it’s eBay…enough said!

More Interesting Trend-Spotting Resources

Fast Company Business Coach on Trend-Spotting -- Excerpt: While you cannot predict the future, you can get a handle on trends, which is a way to take advantage of change and convert risks into opportunities. The ability to spot trends before others is vital if you want to think faster and thus be ahead of your competition...

Trend Hunter Magazine -- Excerpt: #1 in Trends - With 9+ million monthly views, is the world's largest, most popular trend community. Fueled by a global network of 28,000 members, Trend Hunter and Trend Hunter TV feature 49,000 micro-trends and cutting edge ideas...Routinely sourced by the media, Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious. Trend Hunter has been featured or cited by: MTV, The Economist, CNN (2x), Time, CBC (3x), T3 (4x), Cosmopolitan, GQ, Glamour, Entrepreneur, The Globe and Mail (2x), Entertainment Tonight (3x), FOX News (3x), The Financial Times (40x) and even the personal blog of Kanye was launched in 2005 by Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation expert and keynote speaker who wanted to build a home for new business ideas and creativity...

Top 5 trend watching tips from -- Excerpt: Trend spotting can be fun. Makes you feel in the now and in the know. But that alone is not necessarily going to make you or your company more money. The way we see it, in a nutshell, is that tracking consumer trends is one way (and there are many ways!) to gain inspiration, helping you dream up profitable new goods, services and experiences for (and with) your customers. So trend watching should ultimately lead to profitable innovation...Trend spotting as a profession has radically changed over the last five years or so. In a world that's now fully connected, where thousands of smart professionals and amateurs are not only spotting, observing, thinking and innovating, but also putting their findings online for all to see, deliciously valuable resources are up for grabs... Blog -- Excerpt: TrendsSpotting blog is our professional observation of trends and their prospect. We follow internet users’ behaviors and attitudes, review the latest marketing research and surveys conducted, initiate our own search for trends and spice it with some practical insights...The TrendsSpotting Blog, an “Adage Power 150” blog, is considered one of the leading marketing research blogs. TrendsSpotting is known for its Influencers Prediction Reports and has earned prestige among Social Media Influencers and Marketing Experts...