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Intuitive, compelling design and the development of seamless, secure integration comprising a variety of processes are the foundation of the client-focused web solutions delivered by BestWeb Nashville web development. So is keeping track of and suggesting the best solutions for your web applications. Applying our considerable design and technology expertise, we can provide the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Does your company still use a standard, static website (a.k.a. brochure site)? While static sites can continue to meet the basic needs of some organizations, the implementation of dynamic, database-driven content always makes a site more useful. Dynamic, database-backed websites also tend to remain more up-to-date, too, since the content is so easy to change. This type of web development is no longer cost prohibitive for practically any budget -- if you are a client of BestWeb Nashville. We'll connect your web site to your database, or we can create and normalize the databases you wish you had. We utilize tools and technologies such as AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, JSP, Javascript, Java servlets, and many more.

To help you keep the content of your web site current, our programmers can develop database-driven sites that can be easily updated by you, using intuitive, easy-to-use, password protected back-end administration screens. We have implemented a number of content management systems that allow the users to do more than merely add text.

Web Design vs. Web Development.

The difference between web design and web development is that web design refers to all aspects related to the artistic presentation of a web site. For example, elements such as font and color selection and placement of images are considered web design matters.

Web design is decreasingly referred to as "web publishing" on occasion due to the creative connotation the term generates.

Web development, on the other hand, refers to those aspects of a website which cannot be immediately discerned by the human eye, but exist "under the hood." Web development is also commonly referred to as "web programming."

Aside from people, information is the single most valuable asset for business. At every level, in every department, for every company, information is critical. The better the information, the more successful the company and the people within it can be. Improving products and services, understanding markets, improving internal process and communication—information is the catalyst that allows people to see the best course and to make substantive change, as well as often being the deliverable itself.

More than its value to business, information is also the principle component to human knowledge and progress. By experiencing information—through any of the available senses—people are able to build knowledge. Particularly when the information is relevant and good, people are able to make better decisions, to be more effective, to be happier and to increase their well-being.

That is why information is so critical to business. The better the information, the better the business. The better the information, the better the people. The better the business and people, the more profitable the business can be.

Information Design is dedicated to making information as effective as possible. Effective is a carefully chosen word here. In order to be as effective as possible, information must carefully balance a variety of factors, including, but not limited to clarity, relevance, timeliness, amplitude, volume, and differentiation.

Different practitioners and groups from disciplines like graphic design, information architecture, and writing have explicitly or implicitly laid claim to the term Information Design, or to being the best discipline for producing more effective information. The reality is that Information Design is a careful balance of those disciplines and not the domain of any one.

As information is the most critical non-human contributor to achieving business goals, and is the key component to building human knowledge and increased success, the discipline dedicated to making information as effective as possible is naturally the meta-discipline for business.

Information Design and Web Development.

Information Design is geared toward information solutions in general—as opposed to Web solutions in particular. That broader understanding of the dynamic inter-relationship of the myriad contexts, strategies and tactics pertaining to the creation of successful information is invaluable. It is also particularly relevant in providing excellent direction for Web development. Information Design is critical to better Web development in the following four ways:

1. Information Design clarifies goals and objectives

Clients often know what they want but rarely understand what they need. Requests for functionality ranging from live chat to online stores to sophisticated content management functionality may not help the client achieve their business goals. Web design professionals are obligated to focus on the business goals of their clients and make recommendations that are in the client's best interests.

Information Design grounds that consultation and planning process. By approaching the Web project as an information solution, among the galaxy of information solutions and organizational realities that face clients, developers are equipped to design a Web site or application that best contributes to their business success.

2. Information Design provides a broader context

Even for modest static sites, good Web design is relatively involved and complicated. In any effort to successfully navigate the web development process, it is simple to lose sight of the relationship between the project itself and the broader context, including:

These are largely strategic concerns that need to be factored in at the beginning of a Web development project, then monitored and considered throughout the project lifecycle. However, those considerations are not the sole domain of the project leaders or strategists. Information Design requires that all team members have an acute awareness of the broader contextual concerns that resulted in this tactic being selected in the first place, and that awareness must be balanced and addressed in the final deliverable. Awareness and acknowledgement of these considerations—even by the most tactical and production-oriented of the team members—provides immeasurable added value and the highest likelihood that the final deliverable will be as effective as possible.

3. Information Design balances the various specialties that participate in Web development

Inevitably, most Web designers or Web development companies have their own particular specialties. Whether in the structure and content, the interface design, the application development—or any sub-specialty therein -— it is apparent from the final product that there is a bias toward the comfort level or organizational strengths of the producers.

Information Design as a discipline insists that the focus remain on making the information -— with information in this case being the final Web site -— as effective as possible. Applying this to the design itself can manifest in a few different ways and is best if all occur together:

4. Information Design focuses on the dynamic nature of strong Web development

The most effective Web development is that which stakes out the strongest position between a myriad of considerations, including:

During the web development process, it is easy to lose sight of one or many of these key components, and the project suffers for being too close to some of the considerations and too far from others.

As such, a strong process naturally incorporates a healthy and regular mechanism for balancing the different considerations. Information Design requires that the core considerations that guide the project be far forward throughout the project lifecycle, ideally incorporating research and actual testing where appropriate. This will ensure that the final deliverable achieves the proper balance to maximize effectiveness and business success.

Think on an Information Design level, not a Web development level

Everyone has their unique background and area of specialty. Within each of the core disciplines is a wealth of established practices and processes that contribute to great work. Focusing on doing your part on a strong Web development team can certainly take the team -— and the product -— a long way.

But even if you are doing great work, are you best achieving the business goals of your clients? Are you considering the inter-relationship between this Web development project and their traditional methods for sales and marketing, or their traditional communication channels, or their traditional workflow patterns? Do you appreciate the dynamic relationship that this has to that and inform all of your production decisions from that perspective? Are you cognizant that, rather than building a Web site, you are building an information solution?

Information Design positions you to answer all of those questions in the affirmative. It positions you to do work that is not only “great” from an objective perspective as evaluated by your peers, but from the more important subjective perspective of your clients and the health of their business. The work that you do is far more broad and important than you might realize. You just need to stand back, look at it from the proper perspective and take advantage of it.

Ecommerce Web Development.

E-Commerce Services are provided for clients whose businesses can benefit from the ease of use, 24/7 access, and functionality that e-commerce provides. BestWeb Nashville's web developers are experienced and knowledgeable e-commerce programmers and have developed customized solutions for both product and service-oriented web sites. Our solutions can be configured to work in the Greater Nashville Area, in Tennessee, in Tennessee, or anywhere in the world, depending on how big you wish to grow. The sky's the limit!

Our solutions are suitable for businesses of any size, from one employee to 1,000,000, and are built with maximum profitability in mind. We will build a solution that will allow your customers to find and purchase your products and services as quickly and easily as possible. We also will ensure that your website meets the required standards for security and privacy, ensuring your customer's shopping experience is both safe, secure, and friendly.

Is My Business Geared For E-Commerce?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of your business. Businesses that would benefit from e-commerce solutions include:

Each business is unique and thus the optimum e-commerce solution for each business is different. BestWeb Nashville LLC would be more than happy to help guide you through the process of e-commerce-enabling your existing website, setting up your online website and store, or any other e-commerce application you may have. For more information, please contact us.

Web Development, Software Development: The Same?

With a such a large percentage of the world's web development being performed in a context focused on visual design, it's easy to see how that work can get nudged aside a little. That's not to say that the importance of web development isn't recognized, but perhaps that the nature of the web development isn't recognized for what it is. Within the context of a web design firm, the tendency is to approach web development aspects of a project in the same way as the web design. However, web development is not the same as web design, and the processes and management of such work has to reflect this.

When all is said and done, web development is a flavor of software development, or application programming. Of course, this is both a blessing and a curse. Recognizing your projects as software development means enacting all sorts of formal processes and procedures, and having to worry about nasty stuff like specification documents, bug tracking, and team structure. The benefit to this is that the software industry is far more mature than the web development industry, and they have learned the hard way that all these processes and procedures and nasty things like specs, bug tracking, and team structure can save a web development project.

Thankfully, this general trend seems to be shifting with the increased demand for full-blown web applications. With more and more businesses realizing that web-based software is not only convenient, flexible, and cool, but hey, it's pretty cost-effective too, the discipline balance within new projects is tipping towards web development rather than web design. In short, our work is starting to look more like the software development projects that they are.

The good news is that there are loads of information, books, articles and such about software development and management out there. As I've mentioned before, writing the code is the easy part, and most of thought and teaching on good software development practices tends to focuses on people, the management of the project, and the product itself. These are all valuable lessons that apply equally well to any web development project. Ignoring them is quite simply a terrible waste.

Web development services are necessary for every business and organization. The key to a quality business is proper management. The key to proper management is web-based management software.

Nashville Web Development

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