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CSS/XHTML Layouts for Web Design

Forms: Examples of Online Web Forms Using CSS

Here are quite a few examples of online web form layouts we can use in your website design or redesign. (Don't bother submitting these forms, as they are only examples!) Current trends seem to indicate that vertical forms (as opposed to horizontal forms) are the preferred type of web form.

  1. Another CSS Form :: horizontal form from
  2. Clean and Pure CSS Form Design :: a horizontal form with background color
  3. Highlighting Form :: horizontal form with current field highlighted
  4. Horizontal Form
  5. Horizontal Form :: minimal
  6. JH Form :: a horizontal form
  7. NiceForms v2 :: horizontal form; uses graphics for text boxes
  8. Pretty Accessible Forms
  9. Pretty Form 2
  10. Rounded Fields Form :: graphics
  11. Vertical Form :: minimal :: actually, this is horizontal...
  12. Vertical Form 2 :: from Man in Blue
  13. Vertical Form 3 :: from Janko
  14. Vertical Form 4 :: from Form Garden
  15. Vertical Fieldset Form :: from Man in Blue
  16. LightForm :: an open source PHP web form solution
  17. ProtoFormClass v 1.1 :: a Prototype class; validates form fields & sends data using AJAX
  18. JavaScript - Form Labels :: You have probably seen form labels presented another way, which is pretty cool: the label actually appears inside the form field itself...

Form Validation: Onsite Examples

Here are a few working examples of form validation methods which can be used in online web forms such as contact forms, registration forms, 'join our email list' forms, and so on; these validation methods force the user to fill out required fields, check to see that email addresses are valid, include human intelligence questions to prevent unwanted form spam, test user input to ensure only numbers are entered for zip code fields, only alpha characters are used for name fields, and much more...

  1. fValidator :: uses MooTools v 1.1
  2. ProtoFormClass v 1.1
  3. FormCheck v 1.5

Nashville SEO: Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  1. SEO Linking Strategies
  2. Image Optimization Strategies
  3. Keyword Relevancy
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Interesting Web Marketing Facts
  6. SEO Article: Keyword Research and Web Metrics Help in Tough Times :: on the importance of keyword research and web analytics
  7. SEO Resources: Free Keyword Suggestion Tools :: it's true, there are some really great and FREE keyword suggestion tools available; here are the keyword tools we recommend...
  8. Alternatives to Google Analytics :: Here are some excellent summaries of alternatives to Google Analytics, describing what sets them apart, strengths...
  9. Backlinks and SEO :: The term "backlink" is simply technobabble which refers to a link to your site from any other website. Google generally knows when other sites link to your website and uses this variable as a rather heavy factor in ranking your site...

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Be sure to check out our collection of search engine optimization (SEO) articles from various resources, such as article directories. We are showing this website content apart from our other articles because we did not write these SEO articles.

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We have decided to do the same with web development articles written by other folks as we did with the SEO articles listed in the section above. Be sure to check out our collection of web development articles from various resources, such as article directories. We are showing this website content separately because we did not write these web development articles.

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