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Testimonials, Recognition.

thank you so much for everything thus far! we love the website and you have (been) very accomodating. we look forward to continuing to work with you and referring you to others.

Let us be frank. We don't completely trust the standard, flattering testimonials we see on many sites. They seem fabricated, or at the least, we suspect the companies asked the clients to write nice, glowing testimonials for them. What you'll find here are excerpts from unsolicited emails we have received.

"No problems - Thanks - you're the best!"

-- Angel M., S. Bisque (2005)

"The blue one is the right one! I didn't take credit for how awesome it was! Thanks..."

-- V. Vara, Bradford (2005)

"Steve, Thanks for another long night of work. It looks great!"

-- MLA (2006)

"Yes it does. I'm impressed with the entire package. Talk to you guys this afternoon."

-- R. Word (2006)

"You are the bomb. We are so psyched!!! Thank you for your help - I'm delighted (thrilled) to be working with you again!"

-- Pam B., P. Learning (2005)

"Perfect Stephen, I REALLY appreciate it :-)"

-- Andy B., Minerva (2005)

"Your site is one of the best in your subject area and I'm hoping that you would consider making this tool available to your visitors (no cost). I know they'll love it, as it's bookmarked by almost everyone that visits it."

-- Mark R., SiteProCentral (2005)

"I got it. Everything looks good. Thanks for all your help in getting this together."

-- J. Marsh, SMC (2005)

"Awesome Stephen, Thank you very much...thanks a million for the quick solution."

-- A. Bloch, Heron Bay (2005)

"Groovy. I think the site looks pretty darn good!!!"

-- R. Douglass, MFGA (2005)

"You are a peach! Thank you :o) "

-- V. Hughes, Well Feathered Nest (20045

"I've been following Best Web Nashville for a while. You've put in place dynamic concepts, and are better implemented than 98% of the firms in your category. It's clear why you are growing."

-- Kate (2005)

"From the look of your testimonials, it appears that your clients really like the work you do."

-- J. Dale, FBI (2005)

"OUTSTANDING! The only change I would ask you to make is to have a Flash Header text box that shows up when you link to the flash, rather than pull in the main Header text. Other than that (and letting me know what the ideal dimensions are of the Logo image) we are good to go!...(Of course you realize, that when you give me this kind of cool capability, I want the remainder of the "Perfect" processes done yesterday!! Seriously, though, as soon as you can get them, I'm ready!)..."

-- R. Douglass, MFGA (2005)

"That is a really great looking site. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it!"

-- B. Sheperd, Lexmark, commenting on (2005)

"Thanks, Stephen!! You really did a great job on the banner. Have an awesome week!."

-- J. Colbridge, CWL (2005)

"Your mail was real fast...Even I am very hopeful to do lots more bigger projects with you. Working on the last project with BestWeb Nashville was a real wonderful experience for our We look forward to many such wonderful experiences.."

-- Christine, Zinfi (2004)

"Awesome! Thanks!"

-- D. Henderson, Paul Thomas Homes (2004)

"I really appreciate all you bring to the table for WFN, we get so many compliments over the site, and that is greatly to your credit, you are a BLESSING. I hope you get to really enjoy Christmas this year. Make sure you take some time to really enjoy the small moments."

-- V. Hughes, Well Feathered Nest (2004)

"Well, the delivery appears to work flawlessly. Looks very good. Thanks!"

-- J. Burns, Relay (2005)

"I hope your weekend went well. John and I were speaking this morning and we're very pleased with the progress!"

-- R. Kapadia, Clarimetrics (2004)

"Bless you, friend! You came through for us yet again."

-- J. Colbridge, CWL (2005)

"Stephen, My partner and I have a killer idea for a business...Because you guys seem so transparent in your description of your company and philosophy, I'll try to be the same...I met Kevin F. a few months ago and I was certain that I was going to use [name deleted] to be my technology partner...But I Googled 'Nashville web developers' and you guys were third on the list. I was impressed. Especially the way you predicted on your home page that I had probably found you my keying 'Nashville web developers' into a search engine...I'll tell you why I'm ready to meet with you to discuss my new business and BWA:
1) your no BS philosophy and writing style...,
2) your affinity for working with small guys,
3) your rates,
4) I'm convinced that I can focus on describing my business to you and you'll figure out what to do and how to do it."

-- M.B. (2005)

"Stephen is the kind of person who makes accomplishing even the most difficult projects with ease! This is because you don't feel any uneasiness while working on a Web project with him. We have worked with him on several mission-critical assignments, and all of them have revealed this great attitude of his, which you cannot help but notice when it comes to dealing with this amazing professional personality – which is rare in today's environment. Without the collaboration between CWL and BWA, we would not have come this far!"

-- Jozef C., President & CEO, CWLogics (2004)

"Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love it. Great JOB!"

-- J. Canetta, Clarimetrics (2004)

"Dear Stephen, I had an opportunity to view the new changes on our web site. They look great! This web site is really coming alive. I will be working on additional listings that we can add and bio's on everybody. I should have that completed in the next few days. Respectfully, "

-- Bob R., Pace Properties (2003)

"We are in business because of BestWeb Nashville!!"

-- Jozef C., CWLogics (2004)

" I really appreciate all you bring to the table for WFN, we get so many compliments over the site, and that is greatly to your credit, you are a BLESSING."

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest (2004)

"Thanks! I hope your weekend went well. John and I were speaking this morning [about the site] and we're very pleased with the progress."

-- Rahim Kapadia, Clarimetrics (2004)

"Ohmigod. As I whisper under my breath gazing at this ROCKIN' new site and I can hardly believe we are going to have a whole new identity. I feel like we're actually an official organization again instead of a little bitty home-spun gang. Ahh. What a great feeling!!!!"

-- P. Bailey, AMPRA (2002)

"Stephen, Feedback from friends and associates has been very positive. They really like the look and feel of the site."

-- Rahim Kapadia, Clarimetrics (2004)

"...I am very hopeful to do lots more bigger projects with you. Working on the last project for BestWeb Nashville was a real wonderful experience for the We look forward to many such wonderful experiences."

-- Christine, Zinfi

"Thanks, Stephen!! You really did a great job on the banner. Have an awesome week!"

-- T. Duncan, Valcourt Building Services (2004)

"I just checked out the web site -- it looks great. Definitely in the top 10!"

-- S. Garrett, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc. (2003)

"We are very pleased in our interactions with BestWebNashville.Com. We have consulted with 3 other web design companies and have not had the quick response time & detailed web content explanation you have provided."

-- A. Smith, Tennessee Auto Pages

"It is looking GOOD!"

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest, Inc.

"Damn you're cheap...and for being on your own, too. You should really consider going to at least $50 an hour for static and $75 for everything else. I can help you with graphics if that's why. I know you can get it, but also you make it harder for us people that charge more (like me) to get clients yo. I am about $100 for Static HTML and $150 for Flash."

-- Oscar

"I am so impressed with you and your openness and willingness to work with small businesses such as mine. Your cards are being passed out even as we speak!"

-- C. Burney, Hypnosis Works

"Please view the attached file. It contains important information for mods to the homepage. Hopefully these will be minor mods if not let me know. Attia and I have spent tonight reviewing the home page. It looks great!!! Other than the attached file there are a few other mods we are discussing.... Did we mention that this site is da bomb! Later..."

-- Attia and Ardon

"The tables look great. Once I have finalized which fragrances to offer on each one, I guess I should let you know so we can only offer the ones we plan to offer... Thanks so much for making it all so primo (Italian chef kissing fingers!!) ß------I love that!"

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest, Inc.

"The pics give it a very clean appeal. I love the colors you added."

-- R. Reed, Just Wellness, Inc.

"P.S. -- the guy I spoke to at the Card Services place said the website looked really great (I happen to agree) and some of the ladies I work with at Miss Minnies Cottage are getting VERY interested in what I'm doing, so I hope to be referring some of them to you soon!"

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest (2004)

"Thanks for tackling the web site so quickly. The Memberships page looks awesome."

-- S. Garrett, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.

"I really do appreciate all the time and effort you put into your e-mail. It shows me that you guys are serious and you would like to help us grow. Give me a call and we'll set up a 'Formal' meeting tomorrow. Take care and thanks again!"

-- Lori, JBH

"Looks marvelous!!! ...thank you so's perfect."

-- N. Larson, Community Associations Institute - Tennessee Chapter

"We all love the new logo with the yellow background. Super job. A+. I like the memberships on the Historic page too."

-- S. Garrett, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.

"Everything looks SO great, I am loving it more & more!"

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest, Inc.

"You are invited to the 2002 BLI Christmas dinner as our guest on Friday, Dec. 20, at New Orleans Manor in Nashville. We'd really like to have you since you've been (and will be) a big part of the BLI success story."

-- S. Garrett, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.

"Stephen, You have outdone yourself. I sort of liked the other commercial format that had the white-ish background behind the text. Was there something you didn't particularly like about that one? Rock on!"

-- S. Garrett, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.

"WOW! The site looks looks very cool so far. I can't wait to see it once you add the additional text....Thanks so much, Stephen. Keep me posted on the progress!"

-- H. B. Morris, Bright Futures Recruiting

"Wonderful...thank you. i like the view the previous community thing. :) have a good night!!!"

-- N. Larson, CAI-Tennessee

"My quick first impression is great!"

-- G. Kart, Kart's Landscape Services

"I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, and I will get back with you whenever they have a chance to make some decisions."

-- Laura

"Stephen, Thanks. The photo gallery looks great."

-- G. Kart, Kart's Landscape Services

"THIS IS GREAT!!! You have a FANTASTIC website here. I am very, very impressed! We are a go with Hagan..."

-- F. Bauerlein, Nashville Law Offices

"RIGHT ON on your stuff...don't undersell yourself, but its probably too late for that."

-- Rhett

"I discovered in Yahoo, my favorite directory. I am requesting that you create a link from to my client's web site if you feel that their content is in some way related or complements your site."

-- J. Hazala

"Thank you for the time you have spent with me on the phone yesterday and your e-mail. I will forward all the info to the owners of the company. I'll contact you if they decide to move forward with this project."

-- P. Abel

"It is such a valuable gift that you have given us...This morning your pages served as a much needed reminder/reconnection to the truly important core values that I had pushed aside during a calamity of events that flew in with the new year. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to focus: to remember, re-touch and re-read so many of my old friend quotes that i had pushed out of sight and mind over the past few weeks when i needed them most...The wealth of your work has enriched this morning, this day and consequently this life. The breadth of your scope brought me smiles (the Onion) and a new friend (redjellyfish). I offer simply my thanks....Best wishes and warm thoughts from me to you in gratitude."

-- S. Brown, re: Nature of Spirit website

"I just wanted to thank you for the nice contemplations on the nature of spirit side of your site. Thanks!"

-- G. Houston, re: Nature of Spirit website

"Came upon your site while looking for differences in white vs. red grapefruit. What a find. It's beautiful. I'll be back, thanks!"

-- Dana, re: Nature of Spirit website

"We love that work that you've done on your site and hope that we would be able to host your site to see that one good service deserves another. Please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions and I'll be sure to respond to you promptly. Thank you for your time and consideration."

-- Tuan Vo, re: web hosting

"Excellent!! Thanks for sharing! I just stumbled across your site and found it very helpful and calming."

-- Laura R., re: Nature of Spirit website

"Stephen, [On finding your site,] I think I put in 'carbohydrate values in food' or something like that into a Google search, and your web page popped up pretty high on the list... I have to apologize for being kind of a prick when I e-mailed you. I was already irritated with something else when I came across your site, and you got a snotty e-mail for it. Isn't the web a great thing!"

-- John T., Albuquerque, NM, re: Nature of Spirit website

"Hi, I just found your site and am interested in reading more. If I may make a small suggestion, the print is a little small to be easily read. Often people have poorer eyesight than the webmaster."

-- B. Woodyard, re: Nature of Spirit website

B:"99% of us dont use leashes on the hike." S:"I hope to meet you soon, and I will also devote a portion of my web site to DHOG. Send me any other content you'd like me to use." B:"Thanks!!! "

-- Dr. Daniel C. Batchelor

"Thanks so much, Stephen. Glad to hear the business is expanding along. I sent your contact info on to Tammy Wilson at Valcourt Building Services. She may be contacting you about designing a banner ad."

-- J. Jackson, Community Associations Institute - Tennessee Chapter

"Pictures of Montana were absolutely breathtaking -- I've been thinking to go up to Montana for a few days next spring. I want to go more now after seeing those pics! Thanks."

-- Jamey, re: website

"I think your site looks VERY interesting! Also, I appreciate the fact that you'd write and ask permission to use my material."

-- Brian, re: Nature of Spirit website

" the digital clock display, day, date...simple & straightforward."

-- T. Woodring, Vision Financial Management

" there any way to avoid the 'click' to activate the menu? ... or maybe reverse the locations. lets discuss this one..."

-- T. Woodring, Vision Financial Management

&quotThe About Us Page looks wonderful, I love it."

-- V. Hughes, The Well Feathered Nest, Inc.